High performance compute platforms for the rugged edge.

Expansion Optimized Servers

Expansion Optimized

Revolutionizing the capabilities and flexibility of scaleout AI systems.

These highly-integrated servers can stand alone or form the core CPU and memory resources for large-scale rack solutions with OSS PCI Expansion optimized for mobile and field-deployed data centers.

Rugged Short Depth

High-performance AI optimized servers for space-constrained rugged edge computing environments.

High-performance rugged servers with the first 10 PetaOPS† AI system for edge computing environments.

Rugged Short Depth Servers
Rack Scale Servers

Rack Scale

Ultimate AI training capability, in support of field-deployed AI Transportable applications.

GPUltima-CI combines flexible server cluster and PCIe Expansion components into pre-configured solutions for rack scale deployment. It is the ideal solution for datacenter resident AI training, complementing and supporting rugged edge deployed AI on the Fly platforms in the field.

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