What We Do


No Compromise

Integration of the highest end data center class CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs, NVMe SSDs, and networking in rugged edge platforms for demanding AI workloads.


Switched Fabrics

Signal Integrity

Expert PCIe & NVLink designs delivering next generation designs up to 32GTs including scale-out PCIe Gen 4 designs of 200+ endpoint devices at the system or rack level.



Shock and Vibration

Designs for stringent vehicle specifications to operate in harsh environments leveraging expertise in structural analysis & simulation for low SWaP.


Liquid and Air

Expertise in extreme temperature ranges for systems with challenging heat generating components using advanced thermal design for air & liquid solutions.


Air, Sea, Land Compatible

Flexible power subsystem designs accommodating a wide range of transportable edge system inputs from 48VDC to 3Ø (Phase), 400Hz AC inputs for 6000W GPU systems.


System Management & RDMA Data Flows

Flexible system management, scale-out BIOS and SAN/NAS storage software using NVMeoF and GPU Direct capability through intuitive user interfaces.

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