PCIe Gen 4 3U Short Depth AMD Server (SDS-3U-4a)
PCIe Gen 4 3U Short Depth AMD Server (SDS-3U-4a)

PCIe Gen 4 3U Short Depth AMD Server (SDS-3U-4a)

  • The Gen 4 PCIe SDS-3U-4a contains options for Dual or Single-Socket AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processors and provides a feature packed rugged server platform for GPU or FPGA accelerated computing, U.2/U.3 NVMe storage and the most native PCIe Gen 4 x16 slots available on the market. This functionality is delivered in a size efficient edge ready rugged chassis with 3U height and 20” depth. This allows the edge optimized serv-er to stand alone as a hyperconverged PCIe Gen 4 server or form the core CPU and memory resources for a scale-out, rack level, expandable or composable solution in the shallowest available racks. The SDS-3U-4a features up to 7 PCIe Gen 4 x16 slots, and 16 SATA/SAS/NVMe drives. The server supports up to 2TB of memory per CPU socket and a resource expanded BIOS for scale-out device enumeration and large memory mapped I/O used for GPUs and accelerators.

  • Features:

    • AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processor(s)
    • 20” depth
    • 2x Internal PCIe 4.0 M.2 Boot drives
    • 8 or 16 U.2/U.3 SATA/SAS/NVMe drives
    • Up to 7 x16 PCIe 4.0 expansion slots
    • System Monitoring
    • AC or DC Power Supplies
    • Resource expanded BIOS for large expansion capability
    • Guaranteed to operate with all OSS expansion products
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