[VIDEO] Sea Air Space 2022: Edge AI for the Military Theater

May 03, 2022

Sea Air Space (SAS) 2022

In this video, Tom Fries performs a tour of the One Stop Systems (OSS) booth at Sea Air Space (SAS) 2022 in National Harbor, MD, which took place April 4-6. Tom discusses the products we showcased at SAS, and how they provide solutions for Edge AI for the Military Theater.  OSS' AI Transportable products can provide solutions for GPU acceleration, FPGA data ingest, and NVMe storage.

This video will highlight some of the most important features of the following OSS AI Transportable Edge products: Rigel, GAS-R, Centauri, SDS, EB4400 and FSAn-4 and will help you determine if these systems are the right fit for your Edge AI application.

The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act includes provisions which authorize significant new investment in artificial intelligence, set up new pilot programs to facilitate agile acquisition of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology for warfighters, and require the Secretary of Defense to review potential applications of commercial AI technologies and their potential for incorporation into DoD (Department of Defense) platforms.

OSS is an industry leader in the design and deployment of innovative products for Edge AI for the Military Theater.  OSS integrates the most powerful AI devices such as GPUs, NVMe Storage, FPGA capture cards, and high-speed NICs in enclosures designed specifically for elevated temperature, vibration, and humidity environments per military standards.  With proven design wins and experience from aerospace to terrestrial vehicle military deployments, OSS has the expertise to design systems which meet the strict environmental and performance requirements of defense systems.

As mentioned in the video, Rigel is designed around military aircraft environmental parameters for a plug-and-play rugged AI Supercomputer within defense vehicles. The larger GAS-R, dubbed Datacenter in the Sky, is also a MIL-STD-810G aerospace qualified GPU compute server with 8 GPUs and 16x NVMe SSD capacity. Centauri can accommodate up to 8 NVMe or SATA drives in its 8-drive canister, which allow for tool-less bulk or individual hot-swappable drive removal. The 3U Short Depth Server (SDS) is a configurable 3U server which brings the latest PCIe Gen 4 storage and expansion capabilities in a short-depth semi-rugged platform. The EB4400 features a semi-rugged frame-in-frame mechanical design, and provides expansion slots for up to 8 dual-width GPUs or 16 single-width FPGAs. The FSAn-4 is an aerospace optimized flash storage array, which supports up to 32 NVMe storage devices for over 400 TB of high-performance storage.  

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see other videos about our products designed for Edge AI for the Military Theater.  To have a member of our sales team contact you about any of these products, please contact us here.

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