[VIDEO] AFCEA West 2023: Rugged Edge AI Transportables

March 14, 2023

AFSEA West 2023 Booth Tour

In this video, Braden Cooper presents a tour of the OSS booth at AFCEA West 2023 in San Diego, which took place from February 14th-16th. Braden discusses the products OSS showcased, including a few new products. OSS' Rugged edge AI Transportable products provide GPU acceleration, FPGA data ingest, and NVMe storage for Edge AI Military Applications on land, on the sea and in the air.  

The video highlights our newest ruggedized compute visualization system designed for the U.S. Army. This system will support 360-degree visualization for Army ground vehicles. There are more than 14,000 different Army vehicles, many with large blind spots, that may utilize this technology, including the Stryker, Abrams and Bradley. This technology provides real-time synchronized video to several compute stations within each vehicle – enabling the data needed to make key decisions in critical mission environments. 

Braden also discusses our flagship Rigel Edge Supercomputer, which is the highest compute density server for the rugged edge. In the booth, we showed Rigel operating in a two-phase liquid immersion cooling system for extreme environments along with our partner TMGCore. Our AI Transportable lineup also included our 3U Short Depth Server, as well as the GAS-R, Gen5 4U Pro, Centauri and the FSAN-4. 

OSS' AI Transportables are for any
branch of the military, but AFCEA is primarily for maritime applications. AI capabilities are embedded in many shipboard defensive mission systems designed for rapid awareness and reaction to threats. Sea-based AI transportable applications include advanced threat detection systems, autonomous or semi-autonomous surface ships and undersea vessels, and automated maintenance alert systems. Unmanned surface ships have been demonstrated to travel thousands of miles without any crew, paving the way to ocean patrols for months at much reduced costs. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) using AI technology are deployed in anti-mine missions. AI technology is also used to automate maintenance, identifying weak systems before they break down at sea.   

Subscribe to our YouTube channel. To have a member of our sales team contact you about about any of the products we showed at AFCEA West, please contact us here. 

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