Bringing AI to the Rugged Edge

December 17, 2021

Bringing AI to the Rugged Edge

Bridging the gap between sensors and high-performance compute power is a growing challenge, especially in systems where quick, complex decisions are vital.

The concept of “the edge” in embedded systems has taken on new urgency in the federal space. The need to address the burgeoning amount of high-speed, vital data with powerful AI processing for immediate complex decision and reaction could be likened to the idea of stuffing a data center under the seat of a helicopter (if only!). “The edge” can be defined as “where it’s happening” and in government systems, that’s the field. Traditionally, the problem of linking high-speed sensors and actuators with super-powerful AI resources has been addressed with high-speed data communications. But that has serious limitations in terms of field operations where package size, speed, mobility, and reliability are paramount.

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New Supercomputer Enables Rugged, Real-Time AI at the Edge

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Program managers face hard tradeoffs bringing artificial intelligence to in-the-field use cases. A new AI server from One Stop Systems shows what capabilities they should look for in portable, rugged AI deployments.

Nearly all the current generation of AI compute platforms suffer from failing to integrate and optimize high-performance computing with compact, rugged form factors. The result is that program managers too often end up trading performance for rugged design, or vice versa. One Stop Systems (OSS) has created a new supercomputer-class server that eliminates these trade-offs.

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