[VIDEO] AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2022: Edge AI for Autonomous Vehicles

May 17, 2022


In this video, Michael Bradley does a tour of the OSS booth at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2022 in Orlando, FL from April 26-28. Michael discusses the products we showcased at XPONENTIAL and how they provide solutions for Edge AI for Autonomous Vehicles. OSS AI Transportable products can provide solutions for GPU acceleration, FPGA data ingest, and NVMe storage.

This video will highlight some of the most important features of the following OSS AI Transportable Edge products: SDS, Centauri, EB4400, GAS-R, and Rigel and help you determine if these systems are the right fit for your Edge AI application.

Artificial Intelligence is a core component of deploying truly autonomous vehicles in commercial, industrial and defense applications. These AI Transportable applications require no-compromise performance deployed in harsh operating environments supporting real time decision making. Autonomous vehicles are outfitted with specialized high performance edge computing equipment with high bandwidth data ingest components tied to a myriad of video, radar and LIDAR sensors, high capacity and low latency storage subsystems and high-performance compute engines that can perform the AI machine learning and inference tasks needed to enable the vehicle to see, hear, think and make decisions just like human operators.

OSS is an industry leader in the design and deployment of innovative products for Edge AI for Autonomous Vehicles.  OSS integrates the most powerful AI devices including GPUs, NVMe Storage, FPGA capture cards, and high-speed NICs in enclosures designed specifically for elevated temperature, vibration, and humidity environments that you’d see on the road.  With proven design wins and experience with several autonomous trucking customers, OSS has the expertise to design systems which meet the strict environmental and performance requirements of autonomous vehicle systems.

As mentioned in the video, the SDS is currently being used in an autonomous truck application both in the truck and in the hub depot. The Centauri is the companion system to the SDS, sitting in the cab of the truck and when the truck stops at the hub depot, they pull the 8 drive pack out of Centauri and put it into an SDS to easily and quickly transfer the data. The EB4400 features a rugged frame in frame design and is currently being used with 3 systems connected in an autonomous truck to process the sensor data on the truck in real time.  Rigel and GAS-R are rugged supercomputers with 4 and 8 NVIDIA A100 SXM GPUs respectively. They are both designed to MIL-STD-810G for a wide variety of AI Transportable applications. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see other videos about our products designed for Edge AI for the Military Theater. To have a member of our sales team contact you about any of these products, please contact us here.

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