[VIDEO] ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Expo 2022

September 27, 2022

ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Expo 2022

In this video, Jaan Mannik does a tour of the OSS booth at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Expo 2022 in San Jose, CA. Jaan discusses the products showcased by OSS at ADAS and how they provide high-performance computing solutions for Edge AI in Autonomous Vehicles. OSS AI Transportable products provide autonomous vehicle optimized solutions for GPU acceleration, FPGA data ingest, and NVMe storage.

This video highlights our latest product release, the Gen 5 4U Pro, which combines the power of the latest PCIe Gen 5 add-in cards with a feature-rich and rugged design for the most demanding edge applications. This video also highlights some of the most important features of OSS AI Transportable products including SDS, Centauri, EB4400, and Rigel, and helps you determine if these systems are the right fit for your Edge AI application.

The AI Transportables industry represents the corner market between the latest advances in high-performance computing and edge (transportable) applications.  The past decade of technological advances in HPC, such as GPUs expanded role in compute, has led to a surge in adoption of “machine-learning” and “artificial intelligence” applications.  These AI workflows take large datasets and train an algorithm through recursive and weighted pass/fail instantiations to build convolution neural networks.  The trained models are then deployed in real-time environments where live data can be fed into the model and resulting actionable intelligence can be “inferenced”.  This workflow has seen applications expand across numerous industries with large incoming datasets, including autonomous driving.

The adoption of AI technologies in autonomous trucking, as an example, offers a significant breakthrough in commercial and industrial shipping logistics.  New tech startup system architects are looking for ways to bring high-performance computing into the trucks.  OSS has developed key relationships with several top compute integrators for autonomous trucks with primary interest in OSS' key AI Transportable products, such as Rigel and the 3U SDS.  Autonomous trucking requirements are typically more advanced and require more sophisticated compute capabilities than consumer vehicles, due to higher resolution and quantity of sensors.  These requirements can be met and exceeded through deployment of Rigel or the 3U SDS, which are plug-and-play ready systems designed to operate in the wide array of environments of autonomous trucking.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see other videos about our products designed for Edge AI for autonomous vehicles. To have a member of our sales team contact you about any of these products, please contact us here.

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