• The appliance supports up to 4 NVIDIA A100 PCIe GPUs which deliver 2.5x FP64 performance compared to the NVIDIA V100, with two PCIe Gen 4 x16 HBA/NIC slots for up to 128GB/s of sustained data throughput. Alternatively, the EB4400 can be configured to provide 8 single-width PCIe Gen 4 x8 slots for FPGA data ingest or the latest storage add-in cards. Additional features including dynamic fan speed control, IPMI based system monitoring, replaceable fan filters, and optional SmartNIC host configuration elevate the EB4400 to the ideal expansion platform for the entire AI workflow. The EB4400 combines a small, rugged form factor with the latest PCIe Gen 4 add-in cards and features to meet the needs of any airborne, naval, or ground based transportable AI application.

    Both configurations for purchase include dual redundant 1600W power supplies, (2) PCIe x16 4.0 HIB616-x16 cable adapters and (4) PCIe x4 1-meter mSAS HD cables. For other configurations, please contact us.

  • Features:

    • PCIe Gen 4 architecture
    • Small, rugged frame design
    • Dynamic fan speed control
    • Configurable slot and host uplinks to optimize throughput
    • Integrated IPMI based system monitoring
    • AC and DC power inlet options
  • Application Examples

    • EB4400 as a GPU Compute Accelerator
      • OSS-538, 5-slot PCIe Gen4 x16, supporting 4 dual-width GPU
      • 2x PCIe4 x16 Host-to-Target uplinks (128 GB/s)
    • EB4400 as a Flash Storage Array
      • OSS-521, 8-slot PCIe Gen4
      • 8x OSS-PCIe4-ADPT-x8-M.2-2 for 16x hot-swappable PCIe Gen4 M.2/E1.S drives
      • PCIe4 x16 Host-to-Target uplinks (32 GB/s)
    • EB4400 as an FPGA Sensor Array
      • OSS-521, 8-slot PCIe Gen4, supporting 7 PCIe Gen4 x8 FPGA sensor add-in cards
      • 2x PCIe4 x16 Host-to-Target uplinks (64 GB/s)

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