Support Plans

This warranty and support plan applies to all orders placed after 1/1/2021

Support Plan offerings improve the length of warranties, response times to new issues, and if necessary, provide faster shipping times if a part replacement is necessary.

Standard warranty: All OSS products come with a 1-year warranty unless otherwise specified.

Bronze service agreements: Bronze level agreements extend the standard warranty of an OSS product for the number of years specified in the agreement. Otherwise, the terms of service remain the same.

Silver service agreements: Silver level agreements improve technical issue response times, faster shipping, and cross-shipping for part replacements.

Gold service agreements: Gold level agreements further improve technical issue response times, overnight shipping, and cross-shipping for part replacements.

Response methods: Support can respond to new issues in multiple ways and will try to make this as convenient as possible for the contact. We can respond to cases using email, the OSS support portal, or phone. All after normal business hours engagements with gold support agreements require a phone call to the OSS technical support team.

Warranty FeaturesStandardBronzeSilverGoldOEM Services
Business Hours
7 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time Business hour support during weekdays only (excluding holidays)7 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time Business hour support during weekdays only (excluding holidays)7 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time Business hour support during weekdays only (excluding holidays)24-hour x 7-days a week. After hours includes times after 5 PM weekdays, weekends and holidays Up to 24-hours x 7-days a week per agreement
Term Offerings1 YearAdds 1 to 2 Years to the Standard Warranty*Upgrades the Standard Warranty for 1 to 5 Years*
Upgrades the Standard Warranty for 1 to 5 Years*From 1 to 5 Years
SLA Response Times
SEV 1Within 1 Business DayWithin 1 Business Day4 Business Hour Response4  Hour Response**Per Agreement**
SEV 2Within 1 Business DayWithin 1 Business Day8 Business Hour Response8  Hour Response**
Per Agreement**
SEV 3Within 1 Business DayWithin 1 Business DayWithin 1 Business Day8  Business Hour ResponsePer Agreement**
SEV 4Within 2 Business DaysWithin 2 Business DaysWithin 1 Business DayWithin 1 Business DayPer Agreement**
Priority Business Hour
Support AccessEmail and Website
Email and WebsiteEmail, Website and PhoneEmail, Website and Phone
Per Agreement**
Ground2-Day Shipping
1-Day Shipping
Up to 1-Day Shipping
Part Replacements
Return for Repair/Replace
Return for Repair/Replace
Cross Shipping***
Cross Shipping***
Cross Shipping***

*Support plan upgrades are always available within the original standard warranty period. Other options may be available to repair out-of-warranty units. Out-of-warranty support plan upgrade may be available with a call to our sales team.

**After hours response times requires a phone call into the OSS technical support team. When a call is returned, someone must be available to work the issue right away until a solution or workaround is reached. If the contact is unreachable, the severity can be reduced at the discretion of the technical support team. Email or support portal issues are always next business day.

***Cross ships from stock or upon first availability. Ion products cross ship within 2-business days.

Severity Levels Defined

Severity levels define a general category for the useability of the unit or device covered under warranty or a support plan.

Severity LevelDefinition
A production server is down/offline and will not boot.
A production expansion system is offline or is no longer recognized by the host system.
A production server hangs or crashes repeatedly, and reboots do not stabilize the system.
Data availability is lost, or data corruption has occurred.
Any of the above issues where no workarounds1 or immediate solutions* are available.
A component or feature does not operate as described in the documentation.
Significant performance degradation that causes high impact on business operations.
A non-production system or new installation that does not function properly. For example, a system does not boot properly, hangs, crashes or is otherwise unstable.
Software or firmware updates cause system stability issues or loss of functionality.
An intermittent issue that causes a major loss of function.
Assistance with recovering a system after a hardware fault and subsequent parts replacement.
An issue that affects a significant number of end-users.
A production server hangs, or crashes and a reboot stabilizes the system. The root cause is being investigated.
A component of a redundant system fails, i.e., one of two power supplies is offline, or a single drive in a redundant RAID configuration.
A stable solution or workaround is provided to address the loss of some function or feature. Work continues to address the issue long-term.
Software or firmware updates cannot be installed, or some minor functionality is lost after updates are applied.
Any non-production issue is reported in a lab, staging area or in a development environment.
An intermittent issue that causes a minor loss of function.
Integration with other products does not function properly.
A non-critical issue that causes a minor loss of functionality or quality-of-life issue.
Minor issues including typo’s in documentation, or cosmetic errors not impacting production

*Once a workaround or solution becomes available, the severity will lower to a SEV2 or SEV3 (normal).

The terms below describe the Support Services available for One Stop Systems hardware and software product lines (“Products”), including the various Support Plans, and are subject to the terms and conditions of the Support Services Agreement between One Stop Systems, Inc. (the “Provider”) on the one hand, and you (the “Customer”), on the other hand (“Agreement”) and they constitute an integral part of the Agreement.

Support Service Types

1. Support

Provider will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support Services in accordance with the applicable Support Plan. Software Releases, if offered under a Support Plan, are provided with remote support and subject to the applicable end user license agreement. Software Support is provided only for software that is a component included by or on behalf of Provider in a Product delivered by or on behalf of Provider. Software Support does not cover software purchased from a third party for use in a Product or which is otherwise not a component of the Product; for such third party software, Customer must seek support from the maker of such software. For Hardware Support, Provider will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide Support Services in accordance with the applicable Support Plan, subject to the following

a. Provider is not responsible for transportation or customs delays;
b. Provider is not responsible for delays due to equipment moved by Customer to a new physical install location.

2. Hardware Replacement Return

a. In the event of a hardware failure, Customer must contact the Provider support department for hardware failure validation and troubleshooting. After the support department has validated the hardware failure, Customer will receive a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”) number. To ensure proper tracking and handling of returned hardware or material (e.g., spares), all material returned to Provider must have a RMA number assigned prior to the return. Hardware returns that are improperly packaged or do not include the required information and RMA numbers maybe refused and returned to the Customer at their expense. Customer may be billed for the replacement Product if Customer retains the defective hardware without Provider’s written consent.
b. Customer is responsible for removing all information and data that Customer has stored on any memory, including but not limited to hard disk drives and solid state drives (“drives”) before Customer returns the drives for repair or replacement. Customer is responsible for ensuring that it removes any kind of removable media (e.g., tapes, CDs, USBs) prior to returning any drives.

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