PCIe 5.0 will supercharge AI at the Edge if it's done right

PCIe 5.0 will supercharge AI at the Edge

PCIe Gen 5 is a key technology for driving transportable or edge AI systems to higher performance, especially those with demanding space, environmental or cooling needs. But AI program managers should evaluate their technology suppliers’ Gen 5 implementations to ensure they fully realize the technology’s benefits. 

Formally released in 2019, the PCIe 5.0 (or “Gen 5”) interconnect standard is finally appearing in some products starting in late 2022. It enables a doubling of interconnect speed, lower latency and improved power efficiency compared to the PCIe 4.0 specification. In Q4 2022, high-performance processors and GPUs leveraging PCIe 5.0 will start to become available, key components for AI programs that require the absolute highest performance as soon as possible. 

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