[VIDEO] Features and Benefits of Centauri Rugged High-Speed Storage

January 17, 2023

Features and Benefits of Centauri Rugged High-Speed Storage

In this video, Jaan Mannik, Director of Commercial Sales at OSS, does a quick walkthrough of Centauri Storage Expansion. Centauri offers rugged high-speed storage in a compact chassis. Built as a modular storage expansion to the OSS 3U SDS, Centauri can store up to 256 TB of NVMe storage in its 8-drive canister. These canisters allow for tool-less bulk or individual drive removal and can be hot-swapped for ease of use in fast-paced environments. The system is compatible with 2.5" NVMe drives, and its PCIe Gen4 hardware facilitates high-speed storage throughput.

This video will highlight some of the most important features of Centauri and help you determine if this system is the right fit for your AI edge application.

As mentioned in the video, Centauri is a rugged high-speed storage system and is designed to meet MIL-STD-810G ruggedization requirements. With its 3U form factor, half rack width, and short 20” depth, Centauri is the ideal companion to any system capturing data in edge applications. Additional features include dynamic fan speed control, lightweight aluminum enclosure, and IPMI 2.0 system monitoring on dedicated ethernet.

Centauri is a good fit for AI Transportable applications such as autonomous trucks. The rugged high-speed storage system can log a large amount of data in an eight-drive canister. All eight drives can be removed simultaneously from the saddle bag of an autonomous truck without the need to climb inside the truck. The drives can be quickly transported to corresponding depot hub servers for local processing or an upload of the data to the cloud. The rugged design, high throughput, and large capacity make Centauri ideal for capturing raw video and other data from the multitude of sensors mounted around the truck and transporting that data quickly to the depot.

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