Partnering With Our Community: A Hands-On Experience

August 16, 2022

Partnering With Our Community: A Hands-On Experience

By Eyren Danielson, Human Resources Manager

Here at One Stop Systems, we continually strive to learn from our customers and employees in order to be better than the day before! What better way than to partner with our community and students in our home of San Diego? We hosted our 2nd annual OSS Summer Internship with students from California State San Marcos/Fullerton, UC San Diego, and the SDSU campuses!

For many students, internships provide the best learning experiences they will ever have. Internships build skills and help launch students into their career. Our focus was to give our interns hands-on experience. Intern detractors will say that in reality, most interns do “backend” tasks and will never get the sense of making an impact after all their hard work. Not at OSS! We want to give back to the community and provide an experience that would help interns learn real-life knowledge about their desired field.

One Stop Systems' Interns

Tristan, Arjun, Lisa, Steven

Here are a few comments from our interns on their experiences, and what they learned:

"I would say the most interesting part I experienced was going to the testing laboratory and seeing the test that the product would go through. I had to write reports of my finds and it felt like I was truly contributing to the development of this project."  - Tristan, Engineering Intern

"From going out to lunch with the other interns and team members, to playing pickleball with the product marketing group, my experience as an intern has been amazing so far! Everyone was super welcoming and made sure that I was comfortable throughout this whole experience. From my limited work experience, some things came easy and naturally, but there also were some challenges, like learning CSI (Cloud Suite Industrial). Some of the big projects I got to work on included the product catalog, identifying end-of-life products, doing competitive analysis/market research, and assisting in the launch of the upcoming products. Throughout all these projects, I have learned a lot, but most importantly, how a business functions behind the scenes, such as how different departments communicate and efficiently get work done together. Overall, my OSS Internship experience this summer went well and it’s something I will not forget."  - Arjun, Product Marketing Intern

"Interning with OSS has been such a valuable experience, as it offers a much more hands-on approach than just what I have learned in the classroom. I have been working on inventory clean-up and assisting with updating approvals on the Engineering Change Notices. A big lesson and takeaway that I have gained is how to pace myself and perfectly balance and manage things to get my tasks done efficiently."  - Lisa, Operations Administrator Intern

"This has been an amazing opportunity for me that has helped me learn and understand the basics of marketing. I have been able to help with many projects, including making the pdfs on the OSS website more accessible to allow the visually impaired to be able to access pdf documents with ease. With this experience, I have gained the confidence I need to help me with my future in marketing."  - Steven, Marketing Intern

Other community collaborations included two Senior Project Teams from CSUSM. They were challenged to research the AI Transportable market for our product marketing team and identify potential merger and acquisition candidates for the executive staff. We were impressed by these groups! They learned about high-tech AI solutions, gained an understanding of the technology, and can now talk M & A language with confidence. They embraced the cohesiveness and synergy of working as a group and contributed valuable data to the organization.

Thank you to all the students that were a part of making One Stop Systems better in the summer of 2022! We wish you the best in your upcoming school year!

Here at OSS, we have an incredibly low turnover, and it is important to us that we plant the seed early for local students in our community in hopes that one day they will join us!

If you are interested in learning more about our opportunities, be sure to check the Careers section at or our Career Site for open positions.

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