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September 29, 2020

IBC Showcase - Gen 4 GPU Accelerated and Flash Appliances

Join us at our recent event, IBC Showcase, as we exhibit our latest Gen 4 GPU accelerated and flash appliances used in the the Media and Entertainment industries with a product demo. These systems can process large datasets, support AR, VR and more!
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Recent Events  
IBC Showcase (Sept. 8-11)
Join us at our recent event IBC Showcase as we exhibit our latest Gen 4 GPU accelerated and flash appliances used in the the Media and Entertainment industries with a product demo. These systems can process large datasets, support AR, VR and more.

IBC is the world's most influential media, entertainment and technology show. Six leading international bodies are the owners behind IBC, representing both exhibitors and visitors. As IBC is no longer holding a physical IBC Show in Amsterdam this year, we have launched the IBC Showcase online, taking place this week over 8-11 September. IBC's Showcase features three core components to engage in, including industry Daily News, an Exhibitor Showcase and a series of online Programs to attend virtually. Live and on demand the IBC Showcase provides you with a flavor of IBC. Register now and gain access to all of this amazing content in one place.


Upcoming Events 
One Stop Systems will be exhibiting virtually at AUSA NOW this October 13 through 16. We will showcasing our latest military grade AI on the Fly® systems suited to bring the power of the datacenter to the battlefield.

AUSA Now, the Association of the U.S. Army's 2020 Annual Meeting, is being planned to include three days of virtual speeches, forums and professional development events followed by a fourth day dedicated to association events.

"The Time is Now" is the theme of the 2020 meeting, an emphasis that applies to people, modernization, readiness and partnerships.

Designed with content simultaneously streamed over multiple internet channels, AUSA Now will have five to six hours of programing every day, some live and some recorded. This will include the traditional addresses from national security leaders, including the Army secretary, chief of staff and sergeant major of the Army.


Featured Article
Acceleration with 20 times the computing power and A100 GPUs
Author: Martin Stiborski, Managing Director at Bressner Technology
4UV with A100
Bressner Technology introduces the PCIe Gen 4 expansion system from One Stop Systems (OSS) in Europe. The 19-inch OSS 4UV PCIe "Value System" fully supports NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPUs and can increase the computing power by up to 20 times compared to the previous generation.
Featured Products
Acceleration at Every Scale! Check out the Latest Tensor Core GPU - The NVIDIA A100!
See them featured in our 4UV A100 PCIe
4UV A100 PCIe
The NVIDIA® A100 Tensor Core GPU delivers the next giant leap in acceleration at every scale enabling innovators to do their life's work in their lifetime. With A100's versatility and elasticity, infrastructure managers can maximize the utility of every GPU in their data center to meet different-size acceleration needs from the smallest job to the biggest multi-node workload.

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