November 2022 Newsletter

November 30, 2022

SC22 Tradeshow

SC22 was a success! We hope you visited us at our booth in Dallas to witness the exciting live demo of the world's first two-phase liquid immersion cooled AI Transportable Supercomputer Rigel. Visit our Events page to see what shows are scheduled for next year.

November News

Recent Tradeshows & Events

Supercomputing 2022 (SC22) - (Nov 14-17th, 2022)

SC22 was a success! We hope you visited us at our booth in Dallas to witness the exciting live demo of the world's first two-phase liquid immersion cooled AI Transportable Supercomputer Rigel.

Visit our Events page to see what shows are scheduled for next year.

Blackhawk Aircrew Trainer (BAT) 10th Anniversary - (Nov 11th, 2022)

Being a key vendor in the program since inception, OSS was honored to receive an invite to the 10 year anniversary of the Blackhawk Aircrew Trainer (aka BAT) held by the US Army DEVCOM Aviation & Missile Center’s Systems Simulation, Software and Integration Directorate in Huntsville, AL this month. The directorate has been successful in creating a Blackhawk simulator that uses an OSS 4UV to provide Black Hawk pilots training under realistic conditions.


Recent Whitepaper

PCIe Gen 5 is a key technology for driving transportable or edge AI systems to higher performance, especially those with demanding space, environmental or cooling needs. But AI program managers should evaluate their technology suppliers’ Gen 5 implementations to ensure they fully realize the technology’s benefits.


Recent Article

In the real world, the goal of putting more power into less space has been thwarted by heat dissipation since the first steam engines. In 1999 the Porsche car company was faced with getting more horsepower out of their air-cooled, 3-liter engine. Acknowledging that heat was their issue, Porsche moved from an air-cooled solution to a water-cooled solution, in concert with a dry oil sump injection system. Read the Full COTS Journal Checkpoint.


Recent Blogs

The Challenges of Designing with PCIe Gen 5 for AI Transportables
In the world of digital computing, the fundamental determinant of performance is the ability to distinguish between an electrical signal representing a 1 or a 0. The speed at which these transitions can be recognized on... More
VPX Takes a Back Seat to PCIe and NVLink for Military AI
The need to keep US and allied troops out of harm's way, while still pursuing battlefield superiority, increasingly requires a need for battlefield assets throughout the... More
[VIDEO] Features and Benefits of the Rigel Edge Supercomputer
In this video, Tom Fries, Government Sales Manager at OSS, does a quick walkthrough of the Rigel Edge Supercomputer. The Rigel Edge Supercomputer brings the power of NVIDIA HGX A100 SXM GPUs to the rugged edge... More
It Does Not have to be a Long Haul
Whether it is the food you eat or the package you receive on the porch, everything we touch found its way into a semi-truck at some point. There is a severe shortage of truck drivers and the costs are skyrocketing due to oil prices and inflation, putting at risk this fundamental... More
Immersion Cooling for Transportable HPC
The latest high-performance computing systems for AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications generate more heat than ever before. Datacenters have begun adoption of immersion cooling solutions that immerse the... More

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Centauri Storage Expansion
January 2023 Newsletter

January 24, 2023

In this video, Jaan Mannik, Director of Commercial Sales at OSS, does a quick walkthrough of Centauri Storage Expansion. Centauri offers rugged high-speed storage in a compact chassis for in vehicle data logging and fast data transfer using its hot-swap data canister. Built as a modular storage expansion to the OSS 3U SDS, Centauri can store up to 256 TB of NVMe storage in its 8-drive canister. This video highlights some of the most important features of Centauri and how it is the right fit for your AI edge application.

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December 2022 Newsletter
December 2022 Newsletter

December 20, 2022

At SC22, we showcased an array of groundbreaking rugged servers with cooling solutions for extreme environments. Our latest Liquid Cooled Short Depth Server (SDS) provides our customers with extreme performance in noise critical applications as low as 45dB which is perfect for manned vehicles.

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October 2022 Newsletter

October 21, 2022

One Stop Systems and Bressner will be in Munich, Germany for the Bauma Trade Fair on Oct 24-30th. OSS will be showcasing our industry leading rugged products for AI Transportable applications such as autonomous mining and construction vehicles that include the 3U-SDS, Rigel and EB-4400.

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