EOL Announcement: OSS-PCIe3-BP-4CBL-x16

July 06, 2022

OSS Part # / Description
  • OSS-PCIe3-BP-4CBL-x16, PCIe Gen3 3U 4 Cable IO-Millennia (433)
Products where used
  • OSS-PCIe3-4UZ-1080TI-4568
  • OSS-PCIe3-4UZ-20-4-1080-16-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-4UZ-20-4-1080-8-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-4UZ-20-4-2080TI-16-1
  • OSS-PCIe3-4UZ-EXP-20-4-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3US-32
  • OSS-PCIe3-3US-32-1-1M-4371
  • OSS-PCIe3-3US-4705
  • OSS-PCIe3-3US-ENCL-EXP-32-1-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3US-ENCL-EXP-32-4-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3US-ENCL-EXP-32-4-2M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3Uz-20-2-K80-08-
  • OSS-PCIe3-3UZ-20-2-K80-08-4354
  • OSS-PCIe3-3Uz-20-2-P100-16-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3Uz-20-4-K80-08-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3Uz-20-4-P100-16-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3UZ-20-4-V100-16-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3UZ-20-4-V100-8-4418
  • OSS-PCIe3-3UZ-4690
  • OSS-PCIe3-3UZ-6014
  • OSS-PCIe3-3Uz-ENCL-EXP-20-4-1M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3Uz-ENCL-EXP-20-4-2M
  • OSS-PCIe3-3UZ-ENX-ENCL-20-4332
  • OSS-PCIe3-3UZ-SFF-16-6023
Root Cause for End-of-Life Notice Obsolete / End of Life
Final Date to Accept New Orders N/A
Final Ship date from factory N/A
Recommended Replacement Part Number OSS-ERX-R100-7543P-512GB
OSS-PCIe4-4UPF-16-2-2M, OSS-PCIe4-4UP-16-2-2M


Due to the nature of the high tech industry, obsolescence of components defines the life cycle of products. This unfortunately means that One Stop Systems, Inc. must provide our customers with End-Of-Life (EOL) notices. This signifies the point in time when mass production of these products is no longer viable due to a constricted supply of vital components. When it becomes necessary for One Stop Systems to EOL a product, we make every effort to support our customers through the transition period to new replacement products. At OSS, we understand the importance of this product to your business, and we will make every effort to meet your needs.

Products identified as End-Of-Life on this notice are available until inventory is depleted.

If you have any questions about this End-Of-Life notice, or the recommended replacement product, please contact your One Stop Systems representative.

Thank you,

Jeff Sigua
Product Manager
One Stop Systems, Inc.
Phone: 760-466-1668

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