• GPUltima-CI is a cutting-edge, flexible high-power computing solution for mixed workload data centers. This flexibility serves as an invaluable solution to many HPC applications such as AI, deep learning, image processing and scientific modeling. GPUltima-CI makes the data center workload-centric, where the hardware truly adapts to the needs of applications, rather than applications trying to adapt to limited hardware.

  • GPUltima-CI features the flexibility of disaggregated composable infrastructure that increases GPU accelerator utilization in mixed workload datacenters. With composable infrastructure, unused GPU, storage and network resources from one application are automatically released to other resource-hungry applications on other server nodes resulting in increased resource utilization.

    The GPUltima-CI is a power-optimized rack that can be configured with up to 32 dual Intel Xeon Scalable Architecture compute nodes, 64 network adapters, 48 NVIDIA® Volta™ GPUs, and 32 NVMe drives on a 128Gb PCIe switched fabric, and can support tens of thousands of composable server configurations per rack. Using one or many racks, the OSS solution contains the necessary resources to compose any combination of GPU, NIC and storage resources as may be required in today’s mixed workload data center.

  • Features:

    • Single or multiple 19” racks
    • Up to 128 PCIe or SXM2 NVIDIA Volta GPUs
    • Up to 96 PCIe or U.2 NVMe drives
    • Up to 32 Dual Intel Xeon Scalable Processors nodes
    • Up to 32 100Gb Infiniband or Ethernet NICs
    • Up to 48-port Liqid Grid PCIe Fabric interconnect
    • Power distribution and cooling up to 52kW per rack

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