PCIe x4 Expansion Kit (3500)
PCIe x4 Expansion Kit (3500)

PCIe x4 Expansion Kit (3500)

  • EOL Notice: No longer available.

    Includes PCIe x4 2.0 host cable adapter, PCIe x4 2.0 target cable adapter, PCIe 2-slot backplane with one PCIe x16 expansion slot, and PCIe x4 2-meter cable.

  • Features:

    • The host adapter card inserts into any PCI Express x16 slot on the host motherboard. the high speed cable allows data transfers to and from the host at 20Gb/s.
    • The target cable adapter fits into the endpoint slot on the two slot backplane seamlessly connecting a downstream I/O device to the host computer without software.
    • The two slot backplane can be installed into any downstream chassis or used for testing purposes.
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