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    Magma’s ExpressBox 3600 provides optimal server grade GPU and other HPC peripheral expansion to existing host computer systems. Designed to support full Gen 3 x16 PCIe connectivity to all devices, the EB3600 supports 128 Gbps communication between the host and all peripherals. Ten total expansion slots are supported by the EB3600-10 for one or two hosts. Power and cooling are designed for up to 300W per GPU. Cooling is designed to support passive cooled GPUs. All critical components are hot swappable and designed for RAS applications. The EB3600 includes Magma’s Express I/O management for system control, monitoring and alarming.

  • Features:

    • EB3600-10: Ten total or nine double wide peripherals; one to two hosts
    • PCIe Gen 3 x16 (128Gbps) for all connections
    • Optimized for server class (passively coded) GPUs
    • Magma Express I/O System Management is included in all configurations
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