Customized solutions in aerospace components and systems. 

Concept Development, Inc. (CDI) has merged with One Stop Systems (OSS). 

OSS (combined with CDI*) brings two decades of experience in specification, development, manufacturing and repair of aerospace components and systems. Development practices patterned after DO-254 and DO-178-C are combined with an AS9100-D Quality System. Flight safety and certification according to DO-160G and related Boeing and Airbus requirements are offered according to customer need. MIL-aero standards also apply. Manufacturing is conducted under a formal AS9100-D system that can be adapted to specific customer needs. Lifecycle support for aerospace products, including refurbishment and repair, are also offered.

*CDI was acquired by OSS in August, 2018.

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Learn about our customized solutions in flight safety, inflight entertainment and cabin systems.

Telemetry and Flight SafetyInflight EntertainmentCabin Systems


OSS supports the unique needs of aerospace OEMs with these proven capabilities.

Design Assurance StandardsCertificationManufacturing

Telemetry and Flight Safety

OSS airborne edge solutions and cloud infrastructure are combined to create enduring OEM solutions that support aircraft operations, maintenance, and communication.

Modern aircraft generate volumes of operational data while airborne and on the ground. This data is gathered, filtered, and forwarded through diverse communication paths to be stored and processed in cloud infrastructure. Efficiency and safety of fleet operations are thereby enhanced.

Flight Safety

Inflight Entertainment

OSS provides system and component level specification, design, certification, and manufacturing support to the major OEMs in the IFE marketplace.

IFE is evolving to provide enhanced services including off-aircraft connectivity to enhance the passenger experience. OSS offers extensive experience to IFE OEMs who seek innovation of services, system performance, and cost reduction achieved through technical evolution. From specification to flight-qualification to production and repair, full lifecycle support is available.  Our designs are flying on every major commercial airframe.

Inflight Entertainment

Cabin Systems

Cabin lighting, paging, audio distribution and seat power bring enhanced passenger services to legacy aircraft with reduced operational cost.

Providing a critical touchpoint in the passenger experience, OSS has evolved the design of such systems to achieve dramatically reduced weight and power consumption. New features improve passenger convenience and flight-crew efficiency.

Cabin Systems
Design Assurance Standards

Design Assurance Standards 

OSS employs Design Assurance Standards such as DO-254 and DO-178 within an AS-9100-D framework as guidance for its design engineering practice. Specific OEM requirements are readily incorporated into this framework as well.

Complex aerospace systems built within a framework of industry-standard Design Assurance Standards are more readily certified and supported in the extended lifecycle typical of such systems. OSS' practices are tailored to the needs of the aerospace OEM.

Cabin Systems


Formal and predictable certification testing of products is any essential to aerospace OEMs.

OSS provides engineering support to the formal certification process at every stage, from planning through execution and reporting. Extensive experience with DO-160 and related MIL-standard testing ensure that performance is built into our solutions from the start of design.

Cabin Systems


Within the framework of its AS9100-D quality system, OSS provides competitive manufacturing tailored to the demands of its OEM customers.

Special services to address the specific lifecycle needs of the OEM are available. From its owned facility in Escondido, California, OSS and its CDI business serve the needs of customers worldwide.


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