One Stop Systems showcased our 3U GPU and Flash Memory Expansion Appliances so attendees of NETC could learn how our products can help their University or Extension program.

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May 26, 16

Matt Burns, from Samtec explains how Samtec and One Stop Systems products were used at twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors in the United States to detect gravity waves. This post is published on The Samtec Blog.

Apr 15, 16

• Up to 200TB fast Flash memory
• Haswell-based server designed for expansion

Apr 12, 16

One Stop Systems exhibited at NAB on April 16-21, 2016. We showcased our PCIe expansion modules and appliances that can be used in a variety of broadcasting and audio-video applications.

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Mar 17, 16

One Stop Systems exhibited at GTC on April 4-7, 2015. We showcased the newest deep learning product, The GPUltima, which is a petaflop in a rack networked GPU cluster.

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Mar 17, 16

Katie Garrison explains how Flash storage arrays are becoming more accessible as the economics of Flash becomes more attractive. This article is published on InsideHPC.

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Mar 08, 16

Escondido, CA – February 16, 2016 - One Stop Systems, Inc. (OSS), a leading provider of next-generation GPU-based clusters for high performance computing applications, today announced that it has achieved Preferred OEM status in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN).

Feb 17, 16

Katie Garrison discusses The GPUltima, a petaflop in a rack of networked GPUs and how it can be used to accelerate deep learning applications.This article is published on insideHPC.

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Jan 26, 16