Flash Memory




Flash Memory

adds large quantities of lightning fast storage to servers and expansion appliances.

The most powerful Flash Memory from industry leaders such as OSS and Fusion-io, a SanDisk Company.


One Stop Systems can provide the best Flash Memory pre-installed in one of our HPC appliances. These cards can add hundreds of TB of Flash Memory.


Flash Memory


Fusion-io Flash Memory

Fusion-io's fastest flash memory, the Atomic Series, delivers the highest transaction rate per gigabyte for everything from read intensive workflows to mixed workloads. The Atomic Series ioMemory also features a highly simplified architecture with the largest capacities of up to 6.4TB per product. The Atomic Series can deliver high-speed data recording and processing, lightning fast data response time, high-availability and flexibility.

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OSS PCIe Flash Memory

The OSS PCIe Flash Memory consists of a x4 PCIe adapter card and a 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD. This PCIe Flash Memory Card can replace any hard disk with a low power and shock resistant Solid State Drive (SSD). It can be used as the primary bootable device containing the OS and applications (requires support in the system BIOS).

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