Pre-sales Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about our products before you buy

Will your Thunderbolt target adapter PCIe card work directly in a 2010 Mac Pro and be able to successfully connect to a thunderbolt display?

Unfortunately, the Thunderbolt card we make only works as a target device. While it has a PCIe card edge connection it is a slightly custom pin-out and the device on the card is set in downstream mode. The Thunderbolt spec makes it difficult and costly to make a Thunderbolt certified host card. Many parameters of Thunderbolt are tied directly to motherboard resources that are not part of the PCIe slot.

Using a GPU as a numerical processing resource via Thunderbolt or ExpressCard

The Cube allows any PCIe peripheral to plug into a laptop via PCIe Express Card slots or Thunderbolt slots including GPUs for video or GP GPU rendering. While there are no hardware restrictions on this connection, the laptop BIOS may limit the types of hardware supported over the PCIe or Thunderbolt link. In addition, some peripheral drivers may not support the operating system of some laptops or embedded products with ExpressCard or Thunderbolt ports.

Why would I use an expansion product, like The CUBE, over just simply adding cards to my computer?

Expansion products including The CUBE offer added functionality and performance, and they are also reliable and cost-effective. The CUBE provides a solution to some common I/O obstacles like your PC not having enough slots, power, or cooling to support some large cards. The CUBE really provides the most valuable solution with the growing market for GPUs. GPUs often require greater bandwidth, power, and cooling that The CUBE can provide with PCIe expansion.