ROBEN-3TX & ROBEN-3PX2 configurable 5.25” bays

MAGMA has discovered an issue with the customer configurable 5.25” bays on the on ROBEN-3TX and ROBEN-3PX2 product. Initial production chassis shipped prior to 2/15/14, were configured incorrectly such that there is no mechanism to secure 5.25” devices in these bays when the blank plates on the face of the chassis are removed. Product may be returned for a replacement chassis configured to accommodate 5.25” devices.

ROBEN-3 Card Interference

MAGMA has discovered that some full length cards may have an interference fit issue on slot 3 of the ROBEN-3 product. The jack screw on the face plate of certain full length cards (e.g. AVID HDX) will interfere with the card guide slot of the chassis, preventing installation of the card. Product may be returned for repair by contacting MAGMA technical support as detailed below.

P13RR-TEL transition to P13RR-RAS

In order to streamline our product lines, we will be replacing the chassis of the current P13RR-TEL to the enclosure for our soon to be released RAS Product Line. In addition, the part number will be changed from P13RR-TEL to P13RR-RAS. A comparison between the P13RR-TEL and the new P13RR-RAS chassis is attached.

  • Availability of current P13RR-TEL: While Supplies Last
  • Availability of new P13RR-RAS: Estimated December 2010


Ultra Quiet 500W to replace all 400W power supplies

In order to streamline our product lines, MAGMA has decided to replace all 400W power supplies with an Ultra Quiet 500W power supply for the following product lines:

  • 4 Slot (PCI and PCI Express) – base model name: CB4DRQ / PCI4DRQ / EB4
  • 7 Slot (PCI and PCI Express) – base model name: P7R4 / P7R464 / P7R46S / EB7
  • 6 Slot (PCI-X) – model name: PE6R4 13 Slot (PCI) – base model name: P13R

Release of PLX CardBus for Pro Tools Products

The Magma Engineering and Compatibility Test Group has determined that some Pro Tools users with Magma CardBus card (PN: 01-04551-02) and the current PCI bridge on the expansion chassis, may experience computer lock-up or clicks and pops in audio when using Playback Engine sizes of 2 or more DSPs. The Magma Engineering and Compatibility Test Group has also determined these issues may be alleviated by swapping out the original Magma CardBus card (PN: 01-04551-02) with a different version of the Magma CardBus card (PN: 01- 04551-03).

MAGMA Allin1 Driver for Solaris 9 Sparc SBus

The driver for Solaris 9 on Sbus machines was released and posted to the website this morning. When installing a new MAGMA driver, be sure that you perform the ‘pkgrm’ of the old driver and that you remove (rm -r) the MAGMAsp (or MAGMApci) folder from /var/spool/pkg before you extract the new driver from the tar file. Failure to do so may cause you to load some files from the old driver and give you false messages.

CB04 Cardbus Drivers and Solaris 9 for Sparc PCI driver posted to the website

The latest driver for the Cardbus Expansion systems (PC’s) has been posted to the ‘Utilities and Cardbus’ page. The Solaris 9 driver for PCI has been posted to the Sun PCI Driver page. Both are live as of today. The Solaris 9 driver for Sbus is currently under test and looking good. We hope to be able to post it, as well as get the new CB04 CDROM master and into Production’s hands for inclusion within the next couple weeks. The files ‘Windows Cardsbus Driver Install’ and ‘PCCDROM.ZIP’ have both been updated to contain the latest driver version.

CB04A Cardbus Drivers and Utilities CDROM Due out in August

This CDROM is a significant change from the previous MAGMA CDROM disks. It will have a brand new Windows Cardbus Driver on it for the standard 33Mhz products, but also the driver needed for Windows for the New 64bit/66Mhz system. We will also be incorporating drivers and utilities for other MAGMA products onto a single CDROM to better insure that the latest drivers available for all MAGMA products go out with every new device. This includes our serial products for Sun Microsystems computers, PCI and Sbus versions.