About One Stop Systems

         One Stop Systems (OSS) designs and manufactures high performance computing systems that revolutionize the data center by increasing speed to the Internet while reducing cost and impact to the infrastructure. Our high density compute accelerators connect directly to the servers’ PCIe bus, delivering up to 139.8 Tflops of compute performance to one to four servers in a 1U, 2U or 3U chassis.  Our Flash Storage Arrays support up to 200TB of fast storage and also can be accessed by up to four servers. These fast storage appliances deliver up to 16 million IOPS in a 3U external system. It would take approximately seven of today’s high-end 1U/2U servers to match that kind of performance, requiring up to 14U of rack space. It’s immediately apparent that the economics and the space requirements lean heavily to external systems.

         OSS recently announced the opening of its new Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) regional facility, One Stop Systems GmbH, located in Gröbenzel, Germany. The new company, solely owned by One Stop Systems, Inc., was established in January, 2015 to service One Stop Systems’ EMEA regional customers with faster product delivery, application engineering services and technical support. The new facility is centrally located outside of Munich, in a tech-rich region easily accessible to all of Europe and within just a few time zones of the Middle-East and Africa. Our office is staffed with knowledgeable technical personnel who can quickly resolve customer issues and facilitate quick delivery of their products. This facility also gives us the opportunity to provide a future OEM warehousing location and service depot for equipment repair and rework.”

HPC applications

          Oil and gas exploration, medical imaging, and manufacturing VDI are just some of the applications that require high compute acceleration to provide necessary data quickly. Current computers provide the engine to move data from the geophone or CT scanner to the computer but not the performance to process the data quickly. High-end general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs) are specifically built for this operation. In most cases, the more GPUs available to manipulate data, the faster the data reaches the analyst for interpretation. The most advanced computers can hold multiple GPUs for this purpose but GPUs require a lot of power and cooling and most computers are not equipped to accommodate more than eight. The OSS High Density Compute Accelerator (HDCA) accommodates up to sixteen GPUs and attaches to one or more servers through PCIe cables. They are specifically suited to support these high end boards with ample power and cooling.

         Computational finance, defense, and educational research require the fastest data acquisition possible. Solid state Flash silicon provides data access 100 times faster than conventional rotating disk drives. NAND Flash silicon installed on PCIe boards that are installed in a computer provide the fastest use of Flash storage. Computers have a limited number of accessible slots to support I/O boards. The OSS FSA supports up to 32 Flash boards providing up to 200TB of fast storage to meet these highly intense applications. Because they connect to the computer through PCIe, they behave as if they are in the computer.

        OSS provides high density GPU appliances, Flash storage arrays (FSA), and disk arrays that add tremendous functionality and performance to existing servers and workstations. Flash storage arrays provide life-saving access to medical imaging files and provide immediately-accessible field information for defense operations.

Desktop applications

           OSS also brings expansion technology to the desktop by providing expansion enclosures and desktop appliances that allow multimedia and post-production operators to utilize boards that their computers can’t support. The CUBE® family of expansion enclosures support from one short card up to eight full-size PCIe cards through PCIe or ThunderboltTM connectivity options to PC or Apple products. These and other expansion products can be easily purchased by the pro-sumer at maxexpansion.com.


Steve Cooper

Chairman, CEO/President and Co-Founder

A co-founder, president, and CEO of One Stop Systems, Steve Cooper has led the company through the upheaval of two recessions to become a leading supplier of high performance compute systems. Steve’s background includes engineering, sales and marketing and executive management with Intel, RadiSys, I-Bus and SBS Technologies. Mr. Cooper holds a BSEE degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mark Gunn

Senior Vice President and Co-Founder

A co-founder, Vice President and Sr. Vice President of One Stop Systems, Mark Gunn has led the sales, marketing, and business development of the company. Mark’s background includes engineering design, marketing, sales, and business development with IBM, Andros Analyzers, I-Bus, 3M Corp, and SBS Technologies.

Tim Miller

Vice President, Magma Business Unit                                 

Tim Miller has over 30 years of experience in high tech operations, management, marketing, business development, and sales. Miller previously was the CEO of Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and CEO and founder of StarGen, Inc. Mr. Miller holds a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cornell University, a Masters of Business Administration from Wharton, and a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jim Ison

Vice President, Sales                          

Jim Ison has 23 years’ combined experience in the bus-board marketplace and the HPC industry. Prior to OSS, Jim held various sales and marketing positions centered on COTS military and converged communications accounts for Ziatech and Rittal. Jim holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from CalPoly SLO and an MBA from University of Florida.

Julia Elbert

Vice President of Engineering                          

Julia Elbert has over 20 years of experience in engineering, specializing in Linux, PCI Express, and device drivers for communication hardware. Elbert is responsible for managing and leading the team of engineers at One Stop Systems to develop high speed electronic products focused around PCI Express. She also works in business development to build partnerships with vendors and customers to support One Stop Systems and Magma’s product line and to increase sales. Elbert graduated from the University of California, San Diego.

Carla Basquin

Vice President of Human Resources & Administration

Carla Basquin has been with One Stop Systems since it was founded. She brings over 18 years of experience in employee relations and human resources. Carla began her career with Professional Resource Group Software, where she was responsible for training office automation of patient flow, organization and best business practices for private practices and universities throughout the U.S. Carla is currently responsible for acquisition of new talent, employment benefits, training, ISO certifications and Administration department.



Board of Directors


Member, Board of Directors

John Reardon is the Founder of The RTC Group, a marketing services company devoted to serving the embedded and real-time markets. John serves the Board for several companies, including a Dutch corporation, which he founded in 1994, Active Exhibitions and One Stop Systems. Mr. Reardon holds a BA degree in Marketing from National University.


Member, Board of Directors

Bill Carpenter served as CEO for TEAL Electronics, a San Diego-based company, for 13 years, which grew to $20 million in revenue under his leadership, selling large custom power subsystems. He currently serves on the boards of three other high technology companies. He received an engineering degree from Princeton and an MBA from Stanford.


Member, Board of Directors

Ken Potashner’s career in the computer industry includes President/CEO/Chairman of SONICblue. Mr. Potashner currently serves on the board of several companies. He received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Lafayette College and a masters’ degree in electrical engineering from Southern Methodist University.


Corporate Counsel

Alan Rich is a partner in Alan Rich & Associates, APLC. He is a member of the California Bar Association, and is licensed to practice law before the California Supreme Court, United States District Court for Southern California and the United States Tax Court. Mr. Rich received his undergraduate degree from CalPoly Pomona and his juris doctorate from UCLA.


Member, Board of Directors

David Raun has over 20 years of experience at the board & executive level within the technology industry. He is currently President, COO, CFO and Board Observer at ASSIA a SaaS Software Market Leader as well as Chairman at Kilopass. He led a successful turnaround and acquisition by Avago/Broadcom as President, CEO & Director at PLX Technology at NASDAQ company. He holds a BSEE from UC Santa Barbara.


Member, Board of Directors

Jack Harrison’s career and companies span several complex technologies, including advanced semiconductors, gene sequencing microfluidics, microelectromechanical neuromodulation medical implants, RF radar, lasers, and others. He serves as chairman or on the boards of for-profit and non-profits alike, and received a BME degree from Wheaton College.


Member, Board of Directors

Randy Jones has over 30 years of experience in high technology markets. Most recently, he served as CEO of Mission Technology Group. Prior to that, he held various positions at the VP level for Mobility Electronics, Ingram Micro, Intelligent Electronics and Sybase. He holds a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Economics from the USMA and two Master’s Degrees in Finance and Engineering from UCLA and UCSD.